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The Pony Podcast

Jul 22, 2019

With the pretext of recording an episode exploring hte differences between horsey worlds of different nationalities, Alex and Tess get chatting to all round Wonder Woman Kirsten Wing. Grand Prix dressage rider, physio, masters student and all round gorgeous human hailing from sunny South Africa. As should now be...

Jul 14, 2019

For those following #AlexEats catch up on this week's instalment. Otherwise listen for all things pedal and general giggling about cracks. 

Jul 5, 2019

We sit down and collect all the little pony maintenance things you need to be aware of into one lovely helpful little episode. Also included: an update on AlexEats and many many mispronounced words. NB: Tess is pretty sure it's E.Coli she's thinking of, not Salmonella. If that's not enough to pique your interest...