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The Pony Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

As promised, part 2 of Myth Busting with discussion on Alex giving herself colic and eating potatoes like apples.... 

I want to include a little warning - we do mention the COVID 19 word, this was recorded when the virus was relatively low impact. We do not talk about it for long, and only in relation to isolation procedure for horses. If you're finding all the media coverage of the virus a bit overwhelming - 11.12 we start talking about contagious diseases (strangles, EHV) and vaccinations, 13.15 we mention Tess not wanting coronavirus because she's asthmatic, 16.26 we talk about it with isolation procedure. Each mention is only 30s-1min so easily skippable but if you'd rather just avoid it completely we move on to a new topic at 26.00. Look after yourselves and that includes your mental health and not letting this overwhelm you. xx