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The Pony Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

Ever heard of Working Equitation? Okay well Alex and I hadn't so we had the LOVELY Holly Barber on to tell us all about it! Want to know more? You know what to do...

Oct 6, 2020

We chat to Nottingham University Vet Izzy Wild about her work on Colic research at the Nottingham University Colic and Wound Project. If you want to download any of the resources we talk about in this episode head to the Nottingham University or BHS website - or just give it a google, you all know how it works

Sep 29, 2020

Super simple - a sweet chat with PR magician Katie Lawrence from Riviera PR Ltd about how to grow your social media audience and why it's so important to be thinking about your brand and what you're putting out on social media. Oh and there's a bit about food. Because it's us, and everything's better with food involved.

Sep 23, 2020

Looking for (another) lockdown project but missing one key component? Trying to update your yard communication but lacking app design skills? Equimi is offering you the simplest of simple solutions, a platform where you simply set up an account, build your own website (with a dedicated helpline for anything that's...

Sep 15, 2020

This week we're joined by the incredible Rosie Tapner, model, presenter, jockey and English Channel swimmer (who HATES swimming). There's insight into how to make having a job while at university work for you, what pressures Rosie faced with modelling, why it's okay if your university experience isn't the absolute...