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The Pony Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Tess ventures off on her own again with a "willing" volunteer who very kindly sits quietly while she tells him everything he'll need to know about his first Badminton visit! Listen to hear about what's going to happen, her recommendations and how to sound like you're a seasoned atendee. 

Apr 23, 2019

Two tired and hysterical podcast hosts discuss the hacks that make their lives easier. If you have anything else you swear by that we haven't mentioned let us know!

Apr 12, 2019

Listen to us discuss all things skin in this episode. Mud fever to sarcoids and an interesting moment in which it's Tess who has the scientific know how and not Alex - truly a once in a lifetime event!

Apr 1, 2019

A much anticipated episode on something Alex and Tess have actual real life first hand experience of! Hear all about being a working pupil, what to expect, where to apply and the highs and lows. It's hard, it's hilarious, you'll learn heaps and make friends for life. What's not to love?