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The Pony Podcast

Jun 22, 2019

What? An episode that's not just us milking Badminton recordings for an easy life? Something CURRENT. UP TO THE MINUTE?! We do spoil you. Listen for all tips Pasture management and some chemistry fun! (We promise it's fun)

Jun 16, 2019

One of you lovely lot requested a run down on prohibited substances and how to avoid them so we speak to Executive Director of BETA Claire Williams about what you need to know and how to avoid falling foul of the rules (and what your options are if you do)

Jun 8, 2019

Alex and Tess head to Bristol to catch up with National Young Rider Endurance Champion Ella Bunting (or Bumting to her instagram pals) and have realistically too much fun to be classed as professional interviewers. @ Ella can we come back soon please?

Jun 2, 2019

In our first episode in collaboration with The Pony Club, we talk all about Endurance! What it is, what you need to know and how to get involved with your horse or pony. Tess is signing up as we speak.